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Message from the Chair

I hope you’ve all had a good month, under the circumstances, and have managed to get your paint brushes out. Hasn’t the weather been kind though? Some of you may recall that I made contact with Lacock Village Hall last month to find out what their plans are about re-opening. I’ve nothing yet to report back, as soon as I do I will pass any news on.



May's news ...

We continue to hold virtual meetings every Thursday evening at 7pm for about 40 minutes, using the Zoom VC software (see details about downloading it on the next page). Although these virtual meetings are no replacement for our usual meetings in Lacock Village Hall, they do provide a useful way for us all to stay connected. If you have the time then do drop in for a short catch-up. Everyone is welcome and the technology is very easy to use whether on a tablet, mobile phone or computer. 

The Corona Virus Room gallery on our website, set up as a collection of members’ paintings created during the lockdown, continues to grow. There are now 28 images on the gallery -  please keep them coming!

May Covid Challenge: Inside

We received 13 paintings from you for the monthly Covid challenge. They ranged from outdoor garden scenes, still life, to the inside of Karen’s brain! Take a look at them on our website’s Covid-19 May Challenge gallery if you haven’t already. Thanks to all for contributing. Karen’s ‘brain ‘and Keith’s ‘lockdown hair’ (below) give a glimpse into the gallery.


As a reminder do take part in the questionnaire that was sent to all members recently. The committee is keen to understand what it is about the art group that you enjoy most, so that they can organise activities around your preferences as far as possible, but recognise that they are not going to be able to please everybody all of the time! But your feedback is much appreciated. Please send/email completed forms to Chris Crosby by June 30.

... and a look into June

Covid art challenge for June: Locks

Ends Wed 17 June

The challenge for June takes the theme of  ‘Locks’ - it can be any sort of lock you like such as a door lock, a canal lock, padlock, lock of hair etc. So far there are two contributions -  Canal Locks by Sally (pictured here) and a door knob and lock by Mark.

Remember, this is not a competition so no prizes are up for grabs but hopefully this will give you some inspiration for your art and be fun to do.

Send your images in JPG format to Elspeth Wales via email who will upload them to the Covid Challenge monthly gallery on our website. 

Please remember to give Elspeth a title for each painting photo you send.  When taking photos of paintings there’s no need to include the mount in your shot. This saves time when it comes to uploading images to the website. Thank you.


This section of the newsletter may not appear in the long term, but during the lockdown it gives examples of online resources, free and chargeable, that members may find interesting. Thanks go to members who have shared the information.

  • Zoom. For Thursday evenings virtual meeting -
  • Marilyn Allis is getting an online art school going. Visit her website for details -

    Max Hale is putting together some YouTube tutorials and you watch the first one at

    The Art Tutor website has a number of tutorials for different media and online art groups for people to share their work. Go to for details.

  • RWA (Royal West Of England Academy). Lots of free content, secret postcard auction, active art wall and much more.

  • Grayson Perry art club on TV -  Channel 4.

  • RAW umber studios hold a free portrait session on Sundays -

  • Domestika online courses are offering significant discounts -

  • National Portrait Gallery -

  • The National Gallery -

  • Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. A lot of free content from very well-known artists. Too numerous to mention but encourage you to search.

  • Many professional artists have quickly adapted to the lockdown and are offering demos (free and paid) through various online platforms. A search in google will return thousands of results. Several artists that have demo’d at LAG are active online. Jamel Akib, Catherine Beale and Tim Wilmot.