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To view images of the paintings within any room please click on the relevant image below.

The Corona Virus Room

Covid-19 Challenge, October - Harvest

Covid-19 Challenge, Sept: Shade

Covid-19 Challenge, August: Rock

Covid-19 Challenge, July: Reflection

Covid-19 Challenge, June: Locks

Covid-19 Challenge, May: Inside

2019 Fighting Temeraire competition

2018 Portrait Competition

Catherine`s Seascape Demo

Lacock Hay Wain

Xmas Party 2016

Girl With A Pearl Earring competition

Catherine`s Greens Demo

Catherine`s Portrait Demo

Mona Lisa competition

Keith Bennett

Catherine and Karen

Victoria Cleverly

Sarah Clover

Chris Crosby

Tony Day

Tricia Douglass

Paul Fisher

Terri Ford

Lilian Foster

Colin Godwin

Margaret Gray

Susan Hall

Iris Hughes

Charlotte Johnson

Joanne Kenny

Steve Oram

Sally Parsons

Mark Peskett

Linda Ridler

Karen Road

Stephen Simpkins

Catherine Strong

Stephanie Stephenson

Joy Tickell

Brian Tuck

Jane Tucker

Maxine Ward

Mike Wilson